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More About Our Super-Edge™ Auger Flighting

Super-Edge™ Auger Flighting


Before the development of Super-Edge™ auger flighting, all cold-rolled helicoid flighting suffered from the same problem - the outer edge lost half the raw material (steel strip) thickness during rolling. With outer edge thickness down by 50% and wear concentrating along the outer edge of all augers, this was and still is the worst possible outcome and one with which farmers are all too familiar.

With the target of maximizing working life, we developed a unique manufacturing process specifically to raise the outer edge thickness. This has been extremely successful and Super-Edge™ auger flighting is 30% - 50% thicker at the edge than conventional flighting. The integral thickened band along the edge is at least 1/2" wide. It is clearly visible and distinguishes Super-Edge™ from all other helicoid flighting.


Super-Edge™ is made from prime quality carbon steel and work-hardened by cold-rolling. With a clean, bright surface and high standard of dimensional accuracy, Super-Edge™ is quickly and easily mounted on to the auger shaft/pipe.

The result has been that Super-Edge™ auger flighting has become the farmers' first choice for long-lasting auger repairs. Delivering unmatched performance on farms nationwide for endurance and high output, Super-Edge™ has proved the most reliable and best low cost solution for all auger repairs and replacement.

Not Only For Repairs

Super-Edge™ flighting is the specified component in major brands of grain augers, grain carts, driers, etc., where the original equipment manufacturers demand high speed output and lasting wear resistance.

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