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Super-Edge™ Helicoid Auger Flighting

Super-Edge™ Auger Flighting has a greater thickness at the outer edge than any competing product!


The unique cold rolling process used to manufacture Super-Edge™ Helicoid Auger Flighting has come from our continuous development program.

The raised edge is formed integrally during the manufacturing operation and is not a strip attached by a secondary weld.

The major gain in thickness, high quality surface finish and slight forward incline of the blade have made Super-Edge™ auger flighting the outstanding performer for efficiency, durability and economy


Super-Edge™ Auger Flighting provides 30% -50% increase in thickness at the flight's outer edge - exactly the location where augers sustain the greatest wear. The precise thickness gain depends on the Flighting dimensions. Apart from greater resistance to wear, our Super-Edge™ flighting retains the high performance features of our conventional auger flighting

Auger products incorporating Super-Edge™ Flighting have a clearly distinguishable advantage which greatly increases their appeal to discerning OEM purchasers.

Although stocked in 5 foot and 10 foot lengths, we can produce in quantity in any desired lengths.


The introduction of Super-Edge™ Auger Flighting to replace conventional Flighting necessitates no design or product modification. In auger applications where wear resistance is important, Super-Edge™ Flighting is preferred and specified by original equipment manufacturers and by auger repairers.

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Conventional Helicoid Flighting


Our Conventional Auger Flighting is continuous cold rolled on the most advanced machines and our production method ensures control of dimensional accuracy.


Our conventional helicoid auger flighting has a smooth and bright surface. There is an even taper from the inner to outer edge and the surface is work-hardened as a result of cold rolling. Although stocked in 5 foot and 10 foot lengths, we can produce in quantity in any desired lengths.

Styles and Dimensional Parameters

Both Super-Edge™ and Conventional Helicoid Flighting can be custom cold rolled to include the following features:

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