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Edge-Wound Auger Flighting

Edge-Wound Auger Flighting


Our Edge-Wound Auger Flighting is the most wear resistant flighting that can be manufactured in a continuous length. It is edge-wound on purpose-built machines using either bar stock or heavy gauge steel strip.

This forming process results in a minimal loss of thickness along the outer edge of the flighting. As our illustrations show, this flighting is ideal for conveying highly abrasive materials.


Our process of forming our Edge-Wound Auger Flighting by stretching around a mandrel ensures an extremely high degree of dimensional accuracy. Raw material thicknesses can be considerably greater than is possible with conventional rolled helicoid flighting.

Our Edge-Wound Auger Flighting is used in numerous industrial conveying applications both for repairs and in original equipment where heavy and abrasive materials are being moved.

Edge-Wound Auger Flighting


We offer Edge-Wound Auger Flighting in Carbon Steels and Stainless Steels in grades 304 and 316.

Bar stock or strip thicknesses can be up to 3/4".

Bar stock or strip widths from 1/2" up to 5"


We hold stocks of common sizes and can custom produce in diameters ranging from 1-1/2" up to 20".

Our normal specifications included Standard Pitch, Short Pitch and Long Pitch

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